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Who is the artist who creates Folb ART?

Do you do commissions?
Are the materials used for the artworks archival?
Are the artworks originals?
How do you make the artworks?

What other products or services do you offer?

Who is the artist who creates Folb ART?
Liz Folb is an exhibiting artist specializing in an innovative approach to the art of animals and people. See Meet the Artist and Portfolio

Do you do commissions?
Yes, custom work, portrait commissions or professional promotional materials are a mainstay of Folb ART. See commissions or contact us to be put on the calendar.

art to own -rodeo kids

Are the materials used for the artwork archival?
All materials are considered archival –the paper, the inks- Of course if you display the artwork in full sun it will fade. Any artwork will. (Artwork only- giftware and promo materials may not be archival)

Are the artworks originals?
Each artwork is an original. It is not a copy of an artwork created in another media.Some collector’s graphics are limited editions. See Portfolio
and Market Place

How do you make the artworks?
Elements from photo references are collaged together into a unique composition. Objects and images might be scanned together; and, sometimes pastels , colored pencils, and/or  paint are added onto the substrate . Countless hours of work go into in each artwork.

Championship Moments-snowboarding

What other products or services do you offer?

  • Animal Art and Animal Themed Gifts for sale.
  • Photography services for charity golf tournaments and dog and horse events.
    A percentage of profits is donated to the charity.
    See Market Place

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What People are saying about Folb ART

Hi Liz,
I got the proofs yesterday. What a great job you did! I cannot thank you enough for all your work. I realize it took you much longer than the 1 hour we spoke about. You have been very kind to me.
Reseda, CA

Thank you so much for sending the photos. We always like to get good photos of our mares and foals for our newsletter and Breeder Guide. Thank you very much!
ISR/Oldenburg NA (International Sporthorse Registry of North America)

When Scott gave me the photo of Duke and the Donkey - I was overwhelmed! It is so incredible artistically, but it is also so meaningful to me personally. That little stinker is so near and dear to my heart and the friendship he has developed with that donkey! I will cherish it forever.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

animals as art-dog dance

We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the portrait you did of us with our dog. It was a pleasure working with you. Everything was delivered on time and as promised. I know you had to make an extra effort to get it to us for Russ' Birthday. Thanks.
New York, NY

When Mark saw the photo he was speechless! I love it.
La Jolla, CA

Thank you so much for the pictures of our foal. They are precious.
Somis, CA

You captured the essence and nature of my dog…..Even though he was sleeping!!! Malibu, CA

This is fantastic! He looks like a model.
Palm Springs, CA

Absolutely a National Geographic shot. How did you do it?
Beverly Hills, CA

The photos are so helpful. I can really see my swing. I saw right away what I have to work on and I have it right in front of me to remind me. Thanks.
Northridge, CA

I love the photos you did for me. You were the only one who got any decent photos.
Thank heavens you were there.
Westlake Village, CA

animals as art-pool swim2

Your cards are gorgeous!
Santa Fe, CA

I finally found something my husband did not already have and that he truly appreciates. He loves the golf portrait.
Henderson, NV

Liz, I bought "Santa Barbara Foxes" from you at the December show. It's one of those pictures that you see new things in everytime you look at it. Still can't figure out how you did it. It is a real conversation piece.
Pomona, CA

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